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Of diverse exotic and oriental origins Ashtan was born in London, England. She was yet an infant when her parents left the UK and immigrated to Canada.

Ashtan began her artistic studies in North America, where she discovered and practised several different techniques. She later returned to Europe, to firstly continue her studies at the Harrow College  of Arts, London. Following this, she ventured to Paris, where accompanied by her tutors, Marcelin Pleynet and Henri Cueco; she obtained a fine arts Masters Degree known as a DNSAP from ENSBA - Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris  (Nationale Superior School of Fine Arts, Paris). At this point Ashtan desired to comprehend the elaborate circuit of creative affairs related to culture, allowing her to obtain a  European Masters in Cultural Engineering. Endowed with an insatiable degree of curiosity also led her to study  anthropology with Maurice Godelier and Monique Jeudi-Ballini.

Ashtan has since hosted solo exhibitions as well as participating in several group shows.

At present Ashtan persists in developing a thematic work entitled ‘Corpus Memoria’. Stemming from an relentless obsession with a unique understanding of                        

her work is an intersection of a multiplicity of subjects and techniques which touch on the matter of the body in a world led by sophisticated scientific research and development. Her continuous exploration in relation to the body has created hybrid forms linked to what she refers to as a cross bred visual language she calls ‘third eye vision’.


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1. Sing. pron. of 1st pers.; me, (colloq.) cf HER

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